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Dear fellow Lebanese citizens,

Now that we are all conscious of the importance of the situation and actively discussing with our friends and families about the changes that should happen in our country, it is important to unify our demands and consolidate them on one platform allowing every Lebanese to contribute to a clear road map of this revolution.

We are inviting you to voice out, express yourself and vote on the below demands.

If you have any other priority that is not listed, please specify in “others”. Please vote for your 5 top pressing needs and priorities from the options listed. The data will be analyzed constantly with the chance of adding other demands to the list after gaining a certain number of votes.

What are your 5 priorities?

  • Create job opportunities to tackle unemployment 419 votes
  • Establish a sustainable economic plan to address the debt 659 votes
  • Establish taxation reforms 204 votes
  • Resignation of the government 312 votes
  • Annulment of the Taiif agreement, dissolution of the sectarian regime and creation of a secular government 519 votes
  • Formation of a new technocrat government 632 votes
  • Hold early elections 277 votes
  • Establish infrastructure for 24/7 electricity and develop an efficient water supply network 641 votes
  • Provide social services including pension plans and free healthcare 404 votes
  • Develop public transport and infrastructure 229 votes
  • Establish waste management system and environmental measures 360 votes
  • Provide free basic education 96 votes
Anti Corruption
  • Return retrieved money 542 votes
  • Stop government monetary corruption, lift secrecy & implement transparency measures 424 votes
  • Hold political elite accountable by adopting the judicial independence law 511 votes
Other, please specify
What are 2 or 3 actions that you can/should take as individuals to contribute to the chosen demands? (optional)

This data is gathered solely for the purpose of mapping representation across age, gender and geographical areas, to ensure this survey is representative of all part of Lebanese society.

Experts' Section

This is a call for all experts in their respective fields to reach out if you have an evidence-based feedback along with a realizable action plan which outcomes are measurable and feasible in a 12 months scope and answer the above demands.

We will need your:

1- Full Name
2- Brief Biography
3- Brief description of the project proposal
4- Contact number
5- Email
Do you agree to share your name and proposal to the public?